Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advice: How to get people to improve their habits?

I'm writing today to get some input from you! How do you best motivate the people in your lives to improve or eliminate some glaringly wasteful habit from their daily routine? I'm of course talking about Scott and Star using space heaters year 'round while wearing t-shirts! Me and several co-workers have discussed this matter with them, pointing out they could wear warmer clothes. I've even offered Scott the use of my spare hoody I keep in the office for when I get chilly. He seemed to relish telling me "no", he's fine with the space heater. Could there be a power struggle going on? Any advice or suggestions for what's worked for you would be greatly appreciated!


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Bud said...

This summer I caught my roommate running a space heater under her desk.

Since it was hot outside we were running the central air conditioning, which apparently was making her feet cold.